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#340349 - pushing in a bit more, so with his next push I rammed my butt hard against his cock, yowie that hurt as it went in, he held still, pain turned to plessure quickly as I worked him, soon I could feel his balls slapping my arse, he was now pounding me fully. The guy under me slide his cock back in my pussy, they worked their magic in me,, John pushed his cock in my mouth asking me how that was, I mumbeled great as I took them both deep in me,, it wasnt long before I could feel them change speed, I know that feeling, I pulled the eye mask of and looked around to see the biggest smile ever, followed by a huge groan and him ramming his cock so far in I gaged and felt the heat from his cum flood my body, his face told me he had really enjoyed that,,pussy guy also cum, as John shot his load over my face,, Francis, the guy in my arse had the biggest smile and was very attracive, esp seeing as I love dark skinned guys mmmmmmmmm, he kissed me and thanked me for taking him fully, I said do

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Rinko akiyama
Great hentai
Naeka fujiwara
My favourite squiiiirts love them so much