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#229863 - Stacey pulled up a chair next to the oven and sat down to watch her cook through the glass window, her fingers finding their way to her clit and started rubbing, Jessica was starting to warm up when the coils of the oven started to heat up and turn red, as time passed she started sweating, Oh wow, this is hot, should it be this hot? Jessica thought to herself as the coils got brighter, looking through the glass as best she could Jessica could see Stacey sitting in front of the oven with her fingers deep in her pussy and her eye's closed. Are you sure you want to? Stacey asked breaking Jessica from her wicked stare and day dreams of herself nude in the oven, Sure why not? Jessica replied with a wink, Well after that accident last christmas and the barbeque whoopsy on the 4th of July, I would think you would not want to play out that little game anymore? Stacey replied, Come on, it was just a little heating problem and the 4th of July Barbeque was just some hot air Jes

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