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#264768 - so she said that she don’t know me but she is horny and she just dialled this number without knowing who it may be, she said believe me that this is not a joke or no one made me call, just that she is willing to get some sex from some one that she never knew before, and never seen before. Well on the way out we went through the Restaurant every body was looking and us I could see that I and she had made a big noise. so we went in HOTEL I told her that can not do anything but I have jut come to talk to her, but my heart started to tell me man go for it she is so sexy , she was dressed so provocative I could see her tits I could already feel my hard COCK getting bigger and bigger in my pants, so she putt her hand in my leg and told me do it for me I started to look on her lips they where so hot and nice, I felt I could eat them I was turning on from her look, legs, tits and lips from every thing she had.

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Kumiko oumae
Long build up movie stops right before penetration