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#129700 - We stayed like that for a while, reveling in our post climax glow, she finally lifted her head and looked up at me, flashing me another mega watt smile in the semi-dark “I think I’m going to stay’ I just smiled and kissed her softly. We laughed and splashed at each other, moving out of reach or moving closer for more effect. I found her next to the pool soaking up the last bit of the sun, she looked up from her book and smiled at me “Hey there, had a nice day at work?” I leaned down and kissed her and sat down next to her “I was very distracted, but the day went well thanks and how was your day?” She stretched out with a small sigh “Lazy and very relaxing, just what I need” I laughed and got up “And where do you think you are going?” “Oh to fetch us something to drink, it is kind of summer you know” She pulled a funny face at me and I went to fetch us cool drinks.

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Lieza flora meruno
Me me meee
Tatewaki kuno
Love how she fake fights them off but she wants it