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#108688 - Brenda slowly opened her eyes only to feel her heart leap to her throat as she stared at a monstrous strap on dildo hanging menacingly between the old cunt's legs!!! Even though she was terrified at the thought of such a huge organ penetrating her vagina, she could only whimper softly while Amanda mounted her while pressing the giant head against her now straining opening! B-be gentle, Brenda gasped, please, don't hurt me! Amanda smiled at the shaking woman and replied softly, But the pain can be so gooooood! And then without any warning at all, she slammed her hips forward, driving the rubber and latex spike nine inches deep into her unsuspecting pussy! To keep her from screaming out loud Amanda put her arm over Brenda's mouth and began powering in and out of the helpless cunt like a battering ram! Unbelievably, true to Amanda's prediction the mixture of pleasure and pain soon became lost in a gigantic orgasmic cauldron that roiled hotter and hotter by the

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