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#252495 - Slowly Harry took his fingers out of Sharon’s pussy and moved himself between her legs he left his hand under the covers and took his cock in it slowly he moved the head to Sharon’s open and engorged pussy resting it just inside Sharon moaned as he slowly pushed his hips forwards and the thick bulbous head went into her. “Oh god your big!” Sharon cried again as she felt Harry pick up some pace and start to fuck her deeply with his cock his hanging balls slapping against her skin as she pulled her knees up and bent them back towards her to give Harry more room to work with his magical cock. “Well you don’t look seventy-three Harold, I’d say more…” “Eighty” Harry cut off Sharon who giggled at his joke “No I’d say more sixty,” she said with a smile, still feeling a little giggly from his previous comment “Well thank you Sharon, that is very kind of you, but I know it’s not true, we are what age we are as the old saying goes” Sharon was just about to say something when


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