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#226196 - All she could think was how it hurt and his dick, it was the size of a tall beer can with a cricket ball stuck on top and he was driving it all the way with enough force to break the weakened bed making his large base ball sized nut sack slap her small tight arse aggressively hard and relentlessly, with no mercy. Each one ravished Sandra within inches of her life, their dicks ramming their message home time and time again as each one fucked her almost similar to the last, their dicks being extracted all the way to the very tip at and then forcibly rammed with malice back into her now blood soaked soft pink pleasure hole. The gang called themselves the 4 and 14 as all their dicks were 14 inches or so and tonight Sandra would relive her worldly travels tied to a bed in a dingy flat somewhere in the heart of a poverty stricken neighbourhood in one of America’s major cities and with the possibility of a representative of each of the countries where she had been a missionary America, Eu


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