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#194809 - He fucked Vicky hard and fast before taking hold of her fat hips tight and thrusting his cock deep inside her, Syd yelled “l’m cuming”, l encouraged him to give the sow the fucking lot and it sounded like she was getting it all by the way Vicky gripped the quilt clenching her fist, her cries and whimpers got louder. Vicky let out “ah yes!” and that was the start of me fucking her hard, the faster and harder l slammed my whole shaft into Vicky her cries got louder and her pussy became a torrent of her love juices. It was Vicky who spoke first she straddled my chest telling me there was no need for us to be in two separate bedrooms she wanted me to share her bed from now on, l gave my answer by pulling her towards me and sucking one of her nipples, Vicky lay back by my side and drifted off to sleep in my arms.

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