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#401693 - She began to tell me how she's always liked me more than my friend, and that she wishes that she could date me I've never had a girlfriend, so hearing this from this smoking hot babe was like a dream come true! So we started dating, and soon I find out about her beliefs and christian background  I'm not fond of religion, I don't hate it- I just don't care for it She tried pressuring me into going to church and all that stuff I tried it out for a while until her crazy parents made me never want to go back again Anyways, she told me about her views on sex. She gave me a sexy stare as she slowly moved up and began licking my chest and nipples while still slowly running my balls in her hand I knew I would be hard again soon, she was hot as fuck in her lingerie which she was squeezed into, all any guy had to do to get hard was stare at her like that. I want you deep inside of me She took my cock into her hand and guided it into her tight and warm pu

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