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#19729 -   I was woke up around half eight the next morning by the telephone it was Sam hi mom sorry if I've woke you but I was just wondering if Jay was ok while I've been away? It's just that I went to make love to him last night and he told me that he wasn't feeling to good she said he mentioned he felt sick towards the end of the week baby I lied, I was so happy my lover had not fucked his wife my daughter which showed me the he would of sooner been with me in my bed.   I got my fingers nice and sticky in my pussy before I pulled them out and put them to Jay's mouth and watched has he licked and then sucked them clean how do I taste baby I said fucking amazing he replied, I then did something I'd never done before I put my fingers back inside my cunt and then I tasted my own juices, Jay kept sneaking a look his cock twitching furiously in my hand mmmmm I do taste nice I teased.   I dressed in very tight leggings with no panties so Jay would be abl

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Love dat pussy
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Awsome more please
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