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#129139 - I walked in to find Daddy bent over the desk his pants around his ankles and the Doctor fucking his ass with his huge black cock. “Oh yes Kelly – Daddy’s pee pee has never been so happy – but this is not right” “Don’t you love me Daddy – aren’t I special? I want to make your pee pee happy all the time – please let me Daddy or I will think you don’t love me – please Daddy” “Ok Kelly but I am still not comfortable with it and it has to be our secret – Mommy must never know – do you understand?” “Of course Daddy – as long as you let me play with your pee pee whenever I want – Mommy will never know” and with that comment I had blackmailed him and he knew it. I then asked if I could sit on his knee as I needed a hug.

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