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#38319 - ” Willow giggled brightly, shaking her head in disbelief, a wide smile on her face before she went back to biting and chewing on her lip, looking down at Brenda and gripping her hair a little tighter, loving the lewd sensations traversing her cock and thrilling in the soft girlish moans the formerly buff Brenda produced now. Willow groaned as she watched the perverse display, feeling her own smaller cock twitch as she too withdrew, mimicking her mom as her short fuse went off, her cock spending it’s diminutive load onto Brenda’s waiting tongue through her parted, painted lips, Willow’s own little climax starting and finishing before Louise’s own had finished. She was a little nerdy, a little geeky and though she was shy, always chewing gum to seemingly keep her anxieties in check, she apparently responded well to people coming onto her, likely it hadn’t happened much at college.

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