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#143122 - of course you can but within reason cos i have lots of planes for this money for the coming future and for this house, and you never no i might find someone to have a family with so you will hav to get your self sorted at some point sitting back down on the sofa with the puppy eyes she likes to think works with me just to get me round to her way of thinking and her arms folded holding under her breasts as if to try and tease me with empty promises. go get dinner ready you have not been at school to day so you can get every think sorted around the house that need to be done with a laughing tone to my voice sitting on the sofa my self i reach over to my bag and pull out several catalog's some for holiday destinations and some for building extension ideas, now she has noticed the holiday catalog in my hands and comes bouncing over from the other side and take its straight from my grip asking where are we going now flicking through the pages and stopping at the Mal

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