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#138987 - My Darkest fetish Are story starts with a horny slut of a sub who would do anything to fill his arse to the limit and anything to amuse the Mistress he visited . And every time she fucked his lose and huge arse she would tell him to think about a horse fucking it about being taken up the arse by a stallion and having his cave of a arse filled by hot horse spunk for her every time he would cum in seconds and wish for it to happen . Blindfolded he felt himself being put on the back seat and being told to lay on all 4s and relax After what felt like a age of driving his Mistress stopped the car and got out and garbled is collar and pulled him out of the back he tryed to stand put she kicked him hard in the balls putting him on the floor and told him that he belonged on all 4s and she wanted him to crawl for her .

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