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#26127 - A week before I was to go home I missed my morning pills, they were busy and since I was not in pain, I did not say anything, I was asleep for maybe twenty minutes when I felt someone climb on top of my member, I thought my wife had arrived, but on opening my eyes found my nurse pounding away for all life, she came and collapsed on top of me, as she sat up, she noticed I was awake (what could she say, sorry I slipped, she had my dick still jammed inside her) I took the initiative and said, thank you, she asked if I minded, I said no, but that my wife was due soon, she got up and left, I found out later that a number of the nurses had been availing themselves of the rigid post that had presented itself on the floor for at least a month, (explained why I woke sore sometimes). It was a blur after that, I awoke with my wife sitting alongside me crying, I tried to hold out my hand but nothing happened, I tried to sit up, but again nothing, I could move my head, but that was it, I wa

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