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#24018 - One day I got detention for calling my teacher of math a oldtimer he was a oldtimer the guy was 70 and listens to music trough a pelican I said out loud and he may be old but his hearing was still fine so I ended up in detention I knew my friend Tim also head detention so I would not be alone with the oldtimer but the day I had detention he was sick I had to stay alone with that old man for 2 hours and I knew I was gonna die from boredom. After making love for what seemed like forever I started to build up my orgasm and I felt her getting tighter around me so I knew she was getting close too I'm gonna cum jen I moaned out me too she moaned I smiled and went as deep as I could making her orgasm she screamed it out in pleasure her pussy tightening up around  me was all I needed to push my self over the edge as I came moaning load fulling her up with my load it felt amazing like I just won the jackpot but it was much better then that I just found my true love After res

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