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#287583 - Quickly pulling off the ones she had on she slipped her legs into the new pair and pulled them up, looking at the ones she’d just taken off she saw the wet cum in them and grimiest, putting them in her bag “God I really need some more panties if Harry is going to take that stuff again” she joked to herself as she turned the car around and went home to rest her pussy and wait for next time she saw her lover. The violent orgasm Sharon had drove Harry over the edge too, his cock erupted inside her and a torrent of 4 months of pent up sperm shot out into Sharon’s tight gripping pussy, she smiled knowing what was to come, another deep filling that she’d be feeling all night probably but she didn’t care, Sharon just wanted to feel his cum shoot into her, there was something special about feeling Harry’s cum fill her pussy and she was loving every second until he finally withdrew. Sharon couldn’t explain it but Harry seemed to be better then she’d remembered and bigger too, in her

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