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#174913 - “Your bloody freezing” said Shamus as he stated rubbing my legs up and down, they both were rubbing me and with the heat of the fire I was soon feeling warm again, they had stopped their rubbing but had left their hands on the inside of my thighs and were slowly stroking me softly, I thought it was a bit inappropriate but didn’t bother to move their hand and soon relaxed letting my knees drift apart slightly. “You squat here and pee into this rock crevice which is the only spot around here which flows away from the creek, we don’t want pee or soap or anything polluting out water” he said as he lifted his shirt and peed “Well, what are you waiting for, you’re the one who wanted to be treated like one of the boys!” he gloated I didn’t really have a choice as I was busting to go so I pulled up my long T shirt and began to pee with all the boys looking on “My god you store a lot in there” laughed Shamus chuckling as I finally finished and wiped with a tissue. I kept pissi

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