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#93734 - I released her hips and shifted my grip to her breasts, gabbing a handful of the malleable flesh in each hand and relentlessly twisting and squeezing it. I smiled enigmatically, stood up and almost stalked across the intervening distance, as she watched my every move like a hawk. yeah, c’mon, you cunt, really fuck me!’ she gasped – and then her back arched, and she almost screamed: ‘AAAHHH!! FUCK!! YES! I’M COMING! FUCK ME, YOU LITTLE BITCH! FUCK ME, YES!!! AAAGGGHHH!!!’ Ms Brewster’s whole body shivered and shook, her nostrils flared, spittle flew from her open mouth, and a flood of pussy-juice coursed out of her vulva and sprayed across her desktop as I mercilessly slammed the dildo in yet again, so carried away by the lustful heat of the moment that I did not register that she had just climaxed.

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