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#176646 - Yes it is the female voice replied Garry voice became excited at hearing the offer was still available as he then asked can I apply please he quickly asked. As he stood waiting he wondered what questions would be asked at his interview when suddenly the door opened standing in front of Garry was a rather old looking woman whom immediately spoke HI, I'm Mary and you must be the boy whom rung about the free board she quickly quipped. Yes came everyone's reply in the class Now class please undress Garry so the lesson can begin she instructed the students removed his sneakers, then his socks to expose the aroma of his barefeet, next his jeans then his white underwear lastly his tank top to casps of the class Garry stood naked with his semi erect penis in front of the class as they all remarked God he's even more so beautiful looking naked and smells divine Then Ben was instructed to remove his apron and lay on a matt for Garry and let his mouth venture o

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