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#398834 - I lay Alf on his back, and stuck his cock in my arse, then told them to shove Jerry's cock in too, I wanted one last good fuck from him, as Jerry began to fuck me Alf told me how tight it was inside, and he wasn't going to last long, then Jerry got going, ramming all his cock into me, and trying once more to knot his bitch. I was hoping that Pauline was horny enough now to try any thing, so I told Carol to move in on her, at first Pauline didn't know it was her touching her boobs and clit as the guys fucked her, but when she caught on, she looked me straight in the eye and smiled, my sister was game to try any thing now and was. By now most of us needed a rest, so we organised some light food and drinks for them, at the same time watching sue and the kids in Australia still having fun, Kim was being fucked by three guys, Stu had Sue fucking him with the big toys and others watched them.

Read Big Saishuu Kessen! Yuusha VS Maou - Original Blowjob Saishuu Kessen! Yuusha VS Maou

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Im a 1minute man
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Dam thats my kinda girl
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