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#196635 - Neither my sister nor I would ever be part of the in-crowd at school, the clique of pretty and handsome young women and men who had no room in their lives for anyone like my sister and me. She was under the blanket, this time on her back, arms akimbo over her head, legs splayed wide. ” My heart stopped beating, my eyes widened with fright, I tried to become invisible as she stared down on me and continued “What the hell were you thinking? Did you think I'm so fucking numb or clueless that I don't know you come to my room at night?” She knew I'd been to her bed!? Nadine let me absorb her words then added an explanation “I'm a light sleeper, I woke up every time you came in but I didn't expect you to jack off all over me, I almost slugged you when I felt you squirt on my tummy.

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Cham cham
What a beaut
Guess we can say she wanted to spice things up