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#11511 - No, this was her time to enjoy and was she taking away the innocence of her boy, a boy who she was seducing for her own gain, maybe she was, but Sam was receptive and she did not force him to do this, instead he wanted this to happen and he wanted it equally as much as she did. He laid down and then Joanna climbed on top of him, she went and straddled him, moving forward and then back as his hands on her tits holding them looking up at her body as she ran her hands through her dyed white hair, he was shagging her senseless as she moaned and screamed religiously adoring this boy and his manhood, he now grabbed her upper thighs and pressed her pussy into him harder grinding him as much as she could. His tongue immediately began to work, as she placed her neck back allowing him to suck on her nipples.

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