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#354772 - Crandle was in the out offices waiting for his appointment!!! A quick verbal exchange between them ensued, and with a nod of her head, the secretary motioned him to go inside!!! Of all the places on the face of the earth this was one of the last ones he wanted to be at, so nervously he stood in front of the huge oak desk and waited while Mr. Jackson was the first to go over the edge as his pecker contracted hard three or four times in Gwen Silver’s mouth, which in turn started the dominos to fall as her own pussy convulsed around Josh’s pecker, which naturally set of his own explosion deep inside the hairless pussy of the hot mouthed secretary!!! On shaky legs Josh meandered back to his next period’s class which thankfully was a study hall!!! He wasn’t at all sure he could handle a real class, so as he sank into his seat and rested his head on the desk, he was roused to attention when the study hall proctor tapped him on the shoulder and announced, “Mr. Laurens is the only one who

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