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#31356 - Miranda could feel her own cunt begin to drip as she watched the incredible scene before her, and as she stared gape mouthed through the crack in the door, she lifted her skirt and absentmindedly began diddling her now erect clitoris!!! God, was this fucking hot, the biggest bitch teacher in the whole school was an even bigger bitch after school hours! Back to my slit asshole, she said firmly, pushing him away from her chest back down to her drooling pussy, now be a nice boy, suck mama's clitty! Just hearing one of her teachers talking dirty like that turned Miranda on even more, and if Miss Carruthers was going to have a hard orgasm, she wasn't alone, as the young student's pussy was now being pushed into overdrive! Trying to stifle a moan, Miranda leaned against the door frame to keep from falling down, and as her legs became weak, her sexually charged vagina seemed to take away all the strength from the rest of her body, using it all for itself!!! Miss Carruther

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