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#88310 - Brians legs weakened, his balls ached and he was trying to hold on, he fell to his knees and his mom pulled him close, she quickly worked his shorts down over his thin waist and off she lay back opening her legs wider, she looked at her sons thick hard penis and with what little resolve she had knew she could not let him enter her, she wanted it so much, wanted to feel her sons cock push and squirm its way inside her hungry cunt but there was no protection and she was not sure she wanted to risk a pregnancy by her own son, she knew he would have so much hot, fertile seed that she would easily fall to him and although the idea strongly titilated her, she knew now was not the time. Brian pulled his mother closer, tighter and pressed his still very erect cock into the soft flesh of her thigh, Stacy knew she should stop this but the feel of the cock against her and the images still racing through her mind were making her a little crazzy and she instead pressed her thigh against her sons c

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Makoto kino
She knows how to ride it right
Taishirou toyomitsu
Love watching that body work