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#337310 - Although I had always been slightly attracted to her in the past and we had flirted in a rather obvious way from time to time (I once pulled her up for not authorising some minor clerical work fast enough and told her to see me for a spanking at the end of the day! When she came over to my desk on some other matter at 5 o’clock, I asked her if she’d come for her spanking and she actually blushed, having forgotten all about it and made some remark about being too old for a spanking to which I’d replied to her embarrassment, that I’d give her one anytime! ……. I moved up a gear and matched her speed and her urgency slamming her thigh fronts into the desk front while holding onto the sides of her bottom. I had always known that she had rather nice legs below the knees and now I could see that they were just as sexy above them! I also realised that due to the current heat-wave, she was not wearing tights or stockings! I also noted that she wore pale pink cotton knickers!!! As we drove

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Jung freud
Hmm this is so hot nice prolapse
Satoru fujinuma
I want to smell her asshole