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#67804 - The boys picked me up and took me into the bath, they ran a bath for me, Mike stayed with me while the tub filled with beautiful warm water, it was a huge spa bath, could easily fit 3 people in it, I was curled up on the floor, leaving blood stains on the tiles, I think he was feeling abit sorry for me but I also know it wasn't over for me yet, Mike hadn't had his way with me yet and I knew that I won't be leaving this house until they had all had their way, even Matt hadn't fucked me yet, only with his hand. Matt pulls out and Mike takes his place, he can't help being aroused, to any guy it would be a sexy scene. They then pulled my legs wide apart and held me in place for him to thrust into my ass, he fucked and totally ripped my ass to shreds, this just can't be happening, why has this happened to me.

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You are underrated damnnnnn good job