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#17487 - When we got to her house, Pauline asked why I said to bring him with us, I told her it would be a lot easier to feed him here, than to drive every day especially if we were playing, and let it be at that, but I did have some thing in mind too. Pauline made a fuzz of him, and he sniffed around, before she knew it, he had his nose in her pussy, licking the guys cum from her hole, Pauline let out a scream and jumped, Jerry moved back a bit , but went straight back into her snatch. We all smiled when she stood up, reams of cum ran down her body, her face white with cum, her hair sticking up every where, I said shower time, and took her by the hand, knelt her down and washed her off with my piss, soon more piss joined mine as we took turns cleaning her cum soaked body down.

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