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#337198 - Oh yes, she hissed through clenched teeth, fuck me harder, oh god, fuck me harder!!! Walt needed no further invitation as he used his cock like a jack hammer inside the helpless cunt, resulting in a string of brutally hard orgasms in her little pussy, until he himself was ready to blow his load, when he asked her if she wanted a load in her face. They're stuck, she said in a little girl voice, see, it won't come off, as she made show of trying to tug it off. It was almost if she was starved for the taste of a pecker, like she hadn't had in it a long time, and Walt could feel his nuts begin to tighten up as his orgasm neared!!! As much as he wanted to shoot his load into her pretty little mouth, what he really wanted to stick his pecker into that blonde fur pie, so after gently pushing her to the sofa he said, I wanna fuck you now, so open your legs and get ready!!! Brenda, now dripping wet with lust, hurriedly complied, and spread her legs wide, offering a pe

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Dam i came hard
Sakura shinguji
Amazing hentai trying to make some good ones myself