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#343661 - Your sexy scent arouses me and I unconsciously shift a little closer, your warm sweet breath tantalizes my skin as you speak, ‘I have been trying to get your attention all night, I have not been able take my eyes off you’ A thrill runs down my spine with your words, ‘I found myself constantly searching the room for you,’ finally I have found my voice, it sounds much more calmer than I feel, your lips brush along my ear and I softly moan, your hand comes to rest on my leg just below the hem of my dress, the small little kisses from my ear down along my jawline are exquisite, I hold my breath as you teasingly run your lips over mine, finally you crush your lips against my own, our kiss is passionate and deep, we both linger not wanting to stop, still kissing me you gently rise to your feet pulling me with you, I am unaware as I am intoxicated by the way you kiss me, our kiss breaks and we make our way to the elevators, once more no words are spoken, our bodies and the need to be close to

Read Messy Chiisai kedo Ichininmae. - Touhou project Teenage Girl Porn Chiisai kedo Ichininmae.

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