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#307227 - Then he pulled off my shirt and then started to grab my boobs (I had large boobs for my age especially compared to mia’s) and then I pulled of his shirt (he had a six pack with was surprising for him being like 13) and then I started to kiss all down his body then he pulled down my shorts and underwear and started to rub my pussy I started moaning again and he started rubbing harder and harder and I started moaning a lot more then he put 1 finger in and it didn’t hurt he put 2 it still didn’t hurt then he put 3 and it hurt but just a little then he put 4 in and it hurt so bad but felt so good The he pulled all fingers out and then put his hole fist in it hurt so bad but felt so good at the same time I started moaning and then I stared having an orgasm he kept asking it I was alright I was like “yes I just fells so good“ he kept doing that for about ten minuets then he pulled his hand out and started to lick my clit and I was still in the middle if an orgasm then I told him to stop

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Misato manaka
Does she he ll she looks like tara reid the blonde chick off american pie
Very hot gorgeous woman with a beautiful body curves in all the right places first scene is hot those 4 guys gave her a good fucking
I need to be fucked like that