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#134356 - The next morning my sister came into my room and woke me and we sat talking about nothing imparticular , but after a short time she asked if i had enjoyed our game of nurse yesterday i said i had (i couldn't get the images our her boobs or her pussy out of my head), she said that she had also and maybe we could play again soon. eventually she asked if she could touch it again to which i happily replied that she could, so she massaged it and played with it and i started to get hard she was amazed how it got hard in her hand and once i was fully hard she stopped playing and asked me just to walk around so she could watch me. I removed my bottoms and sat back on the bed and while we were talking and drinking our drinks she just kept looking at my cock.

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Queen beryl
Mason storm
Shinji koganei
Damn he stuffed her harder than when i stuffed little people in suits
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She fine