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#240494 - ” Robby sort of likes the idea of Jake wearing his clothes, and he wonders if they would even fit him. ” Robby stands up and walks to his closet, and pulls out a t-shirt, some athletic shorts, and asks Jake, “you need boxers too man?” Jake chugs his drink before responding, and burps and says “yeah dude, these are fucking sweaty and halfway up my crack!” Robby lets out a mock sound of disgust and pulls a pair of Quiksilver boxers from his drawers. Robby is satisfied and content, shedding his misgivings and apprehensions while the water is suctioned away by some larger force.

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Sena kashiwazaki
Awesome vid let s be friends
Fate testarossa
I hit the like button because the buttslaps
Miyu edelfelt
She is a fucking champ that girl is something else