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#130735 - Please feel free to write a short story in the comments about a scenario with my wife so she can read them, the best will get replys from her and maybe some pictures. As she was brought in they layed her passed out on the bed, drunk and asleep they all start messing with her and laughing at how drunk she is,  one of the guys leant over and pulled her tits out, at first everone stoped but she didnt wake and all the girls all started to laugh, so one of the guys joined in and pushed her legs open, they saw a wet patch on her panties and the girls pointed it out and laughed at her, they started taking pictures, Another of the guys lifts her dress up and pulls her panties down, this is when she started to stir, the girls were laughthing and encouraging it, and the guys started touching her, The girls laughed and pointed out how wet she was getting.

Read Asians [ sthunl (みくち)] PINK! (Sengoku Basara)sample - Sengoku basara Bed PINK!sample

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