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#212090 - This thing was a monster well over 12” long. I would then have to invite him into one of the buddy booths and would be instructed to leave the door wide open during my sexual encounter with each of the black strangers I accosted so that any or all that passed by could see me naked and humiliated giving him a blow job or could watch and fondle me as the black dicked man hard fucked me in real time! The other hansom black guys idea was more gentlemanly, and that was to take me, elegantly dressed to the nines with my goodies hanging out wearing only a garter belt and stockings under my skimpy dress. I was so limp in the afterglow of the last orgasm and was concentrating on the sadistic painful torture of my clit that little else mattered! He found it easy to enter, and soon the two of them were fucking me, front and back, their big black cocks moving faster and harder inside my two almost virgin tunnels, as the sexual steam began to rei

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