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#276808 - You like, she asked, as she did a pirouette in the center of the room? He nodded, still not moving an inch from his spot by the window. Looking at her, Chet could feel the electricity between them as he then broached the question, Well, how do you feel, I mean about us, you know, do you need more time, another meeting maybe, you know to get comfortable? I'm very comfortable right now, she answered quickly, I don't need another date to confirm what I already feel! Chet picked up his drink, swallowed the last of it, dropped a five dollar tip on the table, stood up and said, Me too, let's go! Arm in arm they took off down the street, heading to the Hyatt Regency Hotel where Chet's law firm had a couple of suites available for visiting clients, and after stopping to pick up the electronic pass key to suite 2801, Chet again began to have second thoughts about going through with it, but one look over his shoulder at the sultry beauty in the gray suit swept t

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