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#268025 - We decided after about 3 years of this it was time to meet up in person. We broke our kiss and she smiled and said “I thought it would be better if I didn’t ware one, less to remove” I told her “It was fine with me that she wasn’t wearing one” I had to get my hands round her lovely tits once and for all so I lifted her top over her head and boy were them tits good looking, even better in the flesh, the were 32d and Jill’s nipples were standing as hard as a rock. “I am going to cum” I say.

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Queen of sheba
If her hair were in pigtails my dick would just explode
Maya amano
Lol at the girls not being into it the startrek roleplay and just wanting to get laid
Usagi tsukino
She looks so damn good with those titties