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#284131 - We cuddle a bit then I remembered I had asked you about one thing and suddenly I pick you up lay you on the table and start kissing those long wonderful legs. You whisper in my ear – turnabout is fair play and then take the blindfold off grab the corn cob and use it like a dildo until you are close to coming again and with a sly smile on your face you untie me completely order me to stand and then you put oil on my cock and bend over the table. You tell me to open up and place the big end in my mouth and with the oil on it you get in position and lower yourself on it pushing ever so slowly so as not to ram it down my throat and once you have almost all of it inside your tunnel of love you move slowly up almost off then slowly down again moaning and groaning at the agonizingly slowness of you fuck.

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She looks like she feels good
Masaki yoshida
Your are no1 couple
Why would you do that though