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#229944 - Did I rush, OH NO!!!!!! every stroke of the shaft was full, slow and deliberate and I marvelled at how big I seemed to be, bell end swollen proud and purple. That was it and it jumped and jerked in its warm wet nest as her head bobbed and my whole length was being treated to a suck as it was masturbated without her even touching it with a hand as I melted back into the bed with waves of pleasure taking over my very being. A quick surreptitious glance at a couple of pages was enough for me and after a few threats and a couple of cuffs round his ears I was the proud, if brief, possessor of it on the understanding that he got it back the next day so that he could secrete it back in its proper place.

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Pastel ink
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Anna kouzuki
So you are not lesbians
Shizuka mogami
She is so damn sexy and looks great taking that big cock