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#343504 - As i looked around the large creature had come into view it was what I would call a yeti I could see it was male with a dick that would match a horses and genitals the size of bowling balls I could see the veins on its blue Cock that was seemed out of place on its otherwise white body except for its face that was also a tealish blue, as I observed it lifted what I guess was the door and all the other woman crawled away as I froze in horror as it grabbed me. A few hours later when we all are and got settled in our tents I was in my tent with Natalie who was looking at me with questioning eyes I asked her what she needed and that that she wanted to huddle for warmth I said okay but what happens on the mountain stays on the mountain, we both took of our night shirts but kept on our pants, since our tent was warm because of the extra money I spent but it wasn't that warm, Natalie and I both have similarly large breast I think around F cups, we then embraced each other our nippl

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