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#101272 - No, it wasn't big by any means, a 34b cup to be exact, nor was it her stunningly beautiful pink nipples. Having slippery fingers gliding all over her chest was usually enough to make Tara have another, if weak orgasm, and although no one ever said anything, it was pretty much common knowledge that Tara's chest needed a lot of attention and for that reason alone, most of the girls were more than happy to give a helping hand! Although she sometimes got a suck job during lunch, since she usually was still satisfied from gym, Tara usually just ate her lunch and gossiped with Kimber about the usual girl stuff. Over and over again her cunt muscles squeezed together, each time resulting in another orgasm.

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Quentin smith
Damn i want to be fucked like she
Aoi matsubara
Excellent well done