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#46919 - --”So Pepe what you got? --“Cookies, lantern, water, my fleece and my favorite book you? --“my fleece too, sweet bread, water too, rope not enough to rescue you from a cliff, but maybe to protect mi fist from getting serious damage” -- “man, I do need to eat ya know?” --“no we will need it later we shall hide and sleep a little” --“yeah well we shall see if we can get some. They put their backpacks as pillows and drifted to that the realm of dreams, but something happened they were startled by a sound in the next room a couple of boys were there they did not notice the couple of boys that were on the run, the actions of the new pair became soon easy to predict. When this was done, Tavo and Pepe ran as fast as they could, avoiding the streets so no one that could recognize them will see them, then came twilight, around 6 o clock they were far from the convent, near the railroad tracks, they were supposed to wait till midnight in a abandoned lot in a old and forgotten building h

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