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#188633 - Trumps re-election prospects were not looking good with a large percentage of his 2016 supporters turning against him, so he pulled a move no one saw coming. Using his new wealth to fund a public campaign against women, and with the growing possibility of him being victorious, Trump accumulated more and more support as men everywhere let their more primal urges take over and started to be lured in by governments promises of a better world, but it was his private campaign of bribery, blackmail and murder that had his Bill passed in days and practically overnight Trumps opposition vanished. As the penny began to drop for women the scramble for a husband was frantic and rushed.

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Kaoruko sazaki
Anyone know who that red head looking girl is at the end of the into
Riamu yumemi
Que pedaso de hembra que tenes por dios lo que daria por tener una mujer asi que sea abierta de mente y de culo no tuve suerte en ese sentido todo el talento para el sexo y siempre mujeres re cerradas para el acto
Rumi yokoi
Really beautiful