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#129669 - Hi guys thanks for reading this far, I know my grammar and punctuation are not great, I should have tried harder at school, But I was too busy lusting after my class mates to pay attention to lessons. The scene could never have been scripted, Two boys, Two brothers, tumbled and turned, feeling, touching, exploring each other for the first time, led by natural instinct alone they kissed, licked and fondled each other, experiencing sensations and feelings they never knew existed, it was wild passion beyond their greatest expectations, they both played their part, guiding and teaching each other as they both discovered new sensations and erogenous zones, Neither brother could ever have imagined that they could have brought such intense pleasures to each other, Their only regret was that they had taken so long to discover it. Never in Scott’s wildest imagination, did he ever consider that Ben would be the one who was the first to suck cock, Not only did he suck cock, but he swallowed Sc

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Mia alice
Tasuke shichiri
Wow one lucky girl indeed
Thats a grown ass man i love how they try and role play it lol
Masuzu natsukawa
Came so hard to this hentai last night watch me in my latest hentai
Yuu naruse
829 luv seeing his naked body