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#185134 - Emily phoned a few day’s later saying how much the others had enjoyed the party and we should do something like it for Halloween. As I was leaving I passed Ted as he was about to start his rounds, we exchanged a greeting and he asked where I was staying, I said I hadn’t yet booked a room as I didn’t think I would still be here, adding after the lovely meal the girls had cooked I dropped off to sleep. Emily got up to get another drink and Jenny was pushed to me, I pulled her onto my lap facing me and my cock pressed against her pussy, I looked down and suggested I put it out of the way, I lifted her up a little and slipped into her pulling her back onto my lap, “Oh My” I bent down a little and started sucking her tit’s, this was the spark that lit her fire, she screamed out “Emily, your daddy’s fucking me and sucking my titties” then started bouncing up and down like she was on a bucking horse.

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Rika shinozaki
He fuck me no bad what do you think
Makoto ashirai
Needs sound
Umetarou nozaki
Always please the boss
Musubi tendouji
I got to shop at costco more often
Fumino tamaki
Pussy was so good fuuuuccckk